USA 2013

After the previous two trips we were completely addicted to seeing more of the USA but had to save up a bit due to the poor exchange rate, so along came 2013 and our third visit to the States.

We again started off in Orlando again thanks to Orlando Harley for the great rental rates and service.

This trips route took us from Orlando down to Fort Lauderdale to see our friends living there then on to Miami and the highway over the sea to Key West.

From here we doubled back to Tampa then up to Atlanta and just north of that to the town of Helen,Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap then on to Nashville/Memphis/Kansas City visited the Harley factory there.Kansas City to Denver Colorado through the beautiful mountains to Fourcorners and meet up with our friends travelling by car for a few days in a place called Mexican Hat.

Then it was Monument Valley /Grand Canyon/Vegas/Death Valley/Yosemite Park and finishing once more in San Francisco

The trips kept being awesome and different each time